Kanaga Manifesto

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If the act of creating means to give ourselves completely, Kanaga incarnates not only our souls but our dreams and passions.

We were blessed to be in the right place at the right time:

Istanbul 2013, three sofas and lots of coffee!

First Question we asked ourselves: What do we love more?

To travel, to discover ourselves trough the world.

Second Question: Why are we doing it?

To return back, to initiate the flow of our luck, to give voice to the unspoken magic, to connect the “good”( experiences, resources, inventions)

Third Question: What will it be?

It’s the combination of what inspires us creatively and emotionally; from the comic book we grew up with, to our veneration of nature.

In a moment of history where human beings find themselves detached from heart, where money and economics seem to count more than values, we wanted to go back to the origins: ancient wisdom and cultural heritage.

Trough pure adventurous entertainment, we want to showcase cultures, eco-sustainability and ethical living.

Kanaga wishes to take the audience to a new golden age: the discovery that everyone is a player and bestowed with power to bring about positive change to ourselves and to our planet.