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Tarantella: Heal Through Dance

In Italian culture, the word “tarantella” evokes images of a frenzied spinning dance traditionally played at weddings. However, this popular native dance of Southern Italy has a history and myth spanning several centuries. The dance, originally an Italian folk dance of the lower- and middle-classes, has been labeled as a dance to cure sickness and … Continue reading Tarantella: Heal Through Dance

Sounds of Mardin / Video

In the movie “Sounds of Mardin” produced by the Mardin Museum Directorate, three traditional folk songs of Mardin were vocalized by 48 local artists in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, Syriac and Armenian languages. The movie aims at promoting and making thousands of years old tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Mardin Province visible and viable. Enjoy … Continue reading Sounds of Mardin / Video