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Kanaga Symbol

The word ”Kanaga” comes from the Dogon Tribe in Mali. it is a mask which have a  secret meaning and only truly known by the group that wears them. The masks are worn during the Dama dancing ceremonies The Dogon believe that the Dama dance creates a bridge into the supernatural world. Without the Dama … Continue reading Kanaga Symbol

ŞAHMARAN: The Urban Legend of Turkey

Şahmaran’s legend is a cultural element that is widely known in Anatolia, especially in Tarsus, in southern and southeastern Anatolia, and is a cultural asset, with its paintings in the hope of bringing good luck and blessings to the houses. Shahmaran, a Persian word, means “Shah of the serpents” (Shah = king, sultan, mar = … Continue reading ŞAHMARAN: The Urban Legend of Turkey